Seizon Ryu Combat Jujitsu

Seizon Ryu Combat Jujitsu is headed by Sensei Barry O'Brien of Team Combat Judo and BJJ. Sensei Barry has over 34 years of martial arts experience and has studied under several high level instructors.  Although he is an instructor, he remains a lifelong student of martial art. 

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The purpose of Seizon Ryu Combat Jujitsu is to teach adults of all ages and skill level a solid means of self defense.


The art incorporates various methods of Awareness, Avoidance, Striking, Blocking, Parrying, Footwork, Throwing, Evading, Choking, Joint locking/breaking, Weapons Defense, Ground Work, Aggressively Escaping. 

About Sensei Barry O'Brien and his instructors:

Barry O'Brien - Founder and Head Instructor Of Seizon Ryu Combat Jujitsu.
SEIZON RYU COMBAT JUJITSU IS Recognized by United States Ju-Jitsu Federation and WMARA.

  • 02/01/2014 - 5th Dan in US Jujitsu awarded by the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation. 

  • 05/05/2013 -  3rd Dan Judo, Awarded by United States Traditional Kodokan Judo. 

  • 11/17/2011 - 4th Dan earned in Dai Nan Wan Ryu Jujitsu. 
    DNWR - This art was founded by O'Sensei Richard Lazarus in the 1960s. Mr. Lazarus was a New York City detective working the streets of the South Bronx in the 1960s, 1970s and the early 1980s. Out of necessity he became a life long martial artist and innovator. His main focus of study was in Miyama Ryu Jujitsu, learning directly from the famous Antonio Pereira Shinan, founder of this eclectic system. O’Sensei was the 12th person to earn a black belt under Pereira Shinan on 12/23/1966.

  • 05/14/2004 - 2nd Dan in Goshin Jujitsu earned under Shihan Steven Sciandra.
    Shihan Steven Sciandra:
    Wrestling – Three time Division One; Nationally Ranked, Team Captain & MVP, Taught by Elliott Gray Simons (Wrestling Hall of Fame).  State Champion. 
    Kenpo Karate – Black Belt – Promoted by Sensei Rocky Bavuso (The Karate Studio)
    Judo – Black Belt -Promoted by United States Judo Inc (Recommended by Master Yoichiro Matsumura)
    Kali – Certified Sayoc Kali Level II Instructor – by Tuhon Chris Sayoc, founder of Sayoc Kali
    Estacada – Certified Estacada Instructor – by Sifu Bill Schettino, founder of Estacada System
    Kajukenbo – Black Belt Third Degree – Sifu Level – Promoted by Sifu Bill Schettino and Sijo Adriano Emperado, founder
    Jujitsu – Black Belt Fifth Degree – Promoted & taught by Master Yoichiro Matsumura (Ninth Degree Black Belt & Head of International Goshin Jujitsu System).

  • 08/07/2012 - 2nd Dan in USA JUDO earned under Sensei Yoichiro Matsumura (8th Dan).
    Sensei Matsumura: The founder of Judo, Professor Jigoro Kano, taught Sensei Hikoichi Aida who in turn taught Sensei Matsumura.

  • 07/01/1990 - 1st Dan in Miyamoto Muso Ryu Bujutsu earned under Shodai Michael Alvarez.
    MMR was created by Shodai Michael Alvarez who was also black belted under Shinan Antonio Pereira of Miyama Ryu as one of his highest level ranked students, Kaiden, in 1977.

    Sensei Barry continues his study of Martial Art under Shihan Steven Sciandra, practicing Kajukenbo, Judo & Jujitsu, MMA.  His family is Team Combat in North Massapequa.


TEAM COMBAT BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU AND JUDO is now an official IBJJF academy. More News....  
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